Muay Thai - Combat Sports and Martial Arts -FDC(I)-

Muay Thai - Combat Sports and Martial Arts -FDC(I)- Muay Thai - Combat Sports and Martial Arts -FDC(I)-

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MiNo. 4018A - 4022A FDC(I)-I- Thailand
Opr.; Hfpr Gold; (5x2); A = perf. K 13 1/4; B = imperforated
FDC(I), issue date: March 15, 2024
Picture descriptions:
fao) The traditional fist binding on a blue background
fap) Wong Pi Muay ? the traditional Muaythai music on a yellow background
faq) Pressing hands together on a black background
far) Jaralche Fad Hang, the crocodile flaps its tail ? the backlash on the green background
fas) The Thai boxers on red background
4018 A  5 B multicolored fao
4019 A  5 B multicolored fap
4020 A  5 B multicolored faq
4021 A  5 B multicolored far
4022 A  5 B multicolored fas
Quantity FDC(I): 3,000 pieces
Designer: Mr. Krit Koontavee (International Federation of Muaythai Associations IFMA)
Printer: TK.S. Technologies Public Company Limited, Thailand
Conservation status:
Here as a FDC (Version I) with perforated Set and first day cancellation
Issue Notice:
  • MiNo. 4018A: The traditional fist binding and "HONOUR" including Mongkon (headgears) on the blue background
  • MiNo. 4019A: Wong Pi Muay - the traditional Muaythai music and "TRADITION" including the Thai patterns and the Thai musical instrument on the yellow background
  • MiNo. 4020A: Pressing the hands together and "RESPECT" including the traditional mystic symbols on the black background
  • MiNo. 4021A: Jaralche Fad Hang (the crocodile thrashes its tail - the swing-back kick) standing out from the globe and "EXCELLENCE"  including the tigers on the green background
  • MiNo. 4022A: The Thai boxers punching together and "FAIR PLAY" including the elephant's head on the red background

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