About us

We, that is Florian and Markus, two "best friends" and Germans who packed their bundles in 2007 and emigrated from Germany to Thailand.
The reasons for this step were varied, but in no way have anything to do with Thailand's "infamous" reputation. At this point that should be put in front.
We have been collecting stamps ourselves for many years, but just for "home use" and have now established ourselves as one of the largest stamp dealers here in Thailand. which we are also very proud of. The first years were difficult and some obstacles were put in our way, but with persistence and a now quite extensive knowledge of the postage stamps from Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar, we "fought" our place.
For us, the passion for collecting is in the foreground, albeit differently than usual. Personal contact with our collectors is also most important to us, because stamps are a matter of trust. We are happy about every collector who visits us here as part of a vacation stay (we even have collectors who often come to us once a year just for the stamps) and we are not averse to a sociable "talk shop". It is only important that we know this in advance so that we can take our time.
Due to our very active passion for collecting, we travel a lot in Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. Always on the lookout for "undiscovered" philatelic treasures and every now and then we find them.
If you want to get to know us better, you are always welcome!