Shipping costs

Shipping and delivery costs:
  • We basically send all orders via Airmail / registered mail.
  • Only the shipping costs actually incurred according to the item are charged.
  • You can query the shipping costs incurred in each case in the shopping cart before placing a binding order.
Shipping costs for stamps except catalogs, books, albums, accessories and other literature:   Shipping costs for catalogs, books, albums, accessories and other literature except stamps:
Item quantity: as Airmail / Registered: as Airmail / Express:   (incl.Registered)   Weight in KG as Airmail / Registered: as Airmail / Express:(inkl.Registered)
1st Item: 3,99 € 5,99 €   up to 0,5 11,00 € 13,90 €
2nd Item: +0,35 € (4,34 €) +0,45 € (6,44 €)   up to 1,0 20,30 € 23,20 €
each additional article: +0,35 € +0,45 €   up to 2,0 38,10 € 40,00 €
We charge € 0.35 for each additional item. From a value of 200 € we deliver FREE SHIPPING!   in the case of weights of over 2 KG for books etc. please inquire about the actual shipping costs beforehand .Thank you!
As a note to our collector:
We try to use ONLY!! real stamps and no machine stamps for shipping. In our opinion, it should be a matter of course for stamp dealers. Certainly this is an extra effort, but our collectors are worth the extra effort for us! It makes a difference whether you get a nicely franked letter from a distant country or a meaningless machine stamp that is stuck on the outside, possibly carelessly!