Shipping costs

Shipping and delivery costs:
  • Basically, we send all orders by airmail / registered mail.
  • Only the actual shipping costs incurred by item are calculated.
  • You can query the respective shipping costs before placing a binding order in the shopping cart.
  • For higher-priced stamps, we recommend shipping insurance (insured letter), as we cannot be held responsible for loss and/or damage during shipping.
Shipping costs for stamps except catalogs, books, albums, accessories and other literature:   Shipping costs for catalogs, books, albums, accessories and other literature except stamps:
Item quantity: as Airmail / Registered: as Airmail / Express:   (incl.Registered)   Weight in KG as Airmail / Registered: as Airmail / Express:(inkl.Registered)
FLAT-RATE: 6,99 € 12,99 €   up to 1,0 16,00 € 22,50 €
Value letter / shipping insurance for each €100 value or part thereof: 3,99 €   1,1 up to 2,0 24,60 € 32,40 €
  2,1 up to 3,0 33,10 € 40,00 €
From €200 we deliver without insurance FREE SHIPPING!   in the case of weights of over 3 KG for books etc. please inquire about the actual shipping costs beforehand .Thank you!
Due to the tax law that has been in force since 2021, e.g. USA / AU a.s.o. (online tax), it may happen that the respective carriers (e.g. USPS) collect the import sales tax plus a flat rate for expenses on behalf of the tax authorities. For postal stamps of all kinds, there are NO! Customs duties but import sales tax. These possibly accruing fees are NOT our responsibility! are taken over, but are at the expense of the buyer. We ask for your understanding. Thanks!
As a note to our collector:
We try to use ONLY!! real stamps and no machine stamps for shipping. In our opinion, it should be a matter of course for stamp dealers. Certainly this is an extra effort, but our collectors are worth the extra effort for us! It makes a difference whether you get a nicely franked letter from a distant country or a meaningless machine stamp that is stuck on the outside, possibly carelessly!