• Personalized Sheets

    Personalized Special sheets

    To be used here mostly definitives or also issues, which particularly have been or will be published (see such as MiNo. 3337-3352). The first licensed issues of Thailand Post come from the year 2000. From the date the personalized sheets win through more and more and are being issued to special occasion. Unfortunately, there is no listing or cataloguing of these personalized sheets to the present and will not coming in the future, what is certainly because of the inflationary, license issue politic of Thailand Post. More or less everybody can issue or sell such personalized sheets almost in any issue quantity. Accordingly, it is difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. We try, if at all possible, to list only the official issues to our informations, but sadly we cannot guarantee it is sure enough a licensed issue.

    If you are looking for special personalized special sheets, click the discrete content item to. You then find there a number of other versions of the same stamps but different designs!