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    ... all issues from MiNo. 1 until today ...

    In this section we have tried all issues from Thailand (where they are known) to listen on. Including all variants, special editions, rare and so much more. Chronologically according to years You can search here for individual Michel Numbers and / or view all the expenditure corresponding to this MiNo. Some things you will not find in the standard catalog editions. Nevertheless, we consider it as a part of the whole Thai philately.

    General information:

    Although we strive to keep all expenses in store for you before, some of it is unfortunately (for you) and fortunately sold (for us) faster than we procure it, find, raise, or can be offered. For completeness sake we make the output but in the listings so you can see as a collector at least this expenditure as an image once and know what to look for and can. Therefore, orders are always please to see in our shop under reserve. Accordingly, please do not be disappointed or even annoyed when an issue is out of print but then again, even if it is displayed in the shop.
    In our system, you can create so-called "wish lists" or "search listings". If we could then exceeds ape an out of print edition again, you will automatically receive a notification from us by e-mail. Have you been able bereits'beschaffen the issue, you can remove from the "wish list" again at any time. The Wish List is never binding for both parties and obliged to NOTHING!

    If you miss issues and be on the lookout for special expenses, are looking for a representative auction in Thailand or have any questions about philately, then please get in touch via our "contact system" with us.