Evolution of human beings -FDC(I)-

Evolution of human beings -FDC(I)- Evolution of human beings -FDC(I)- Evolution of human beings -FDC(I)-

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MiNo. 2254A - 2261A FDC(I)-I- Cambodia
Opr.; A = perf. K 13; B = imperforated
FDC(I), Issue date: 25.10.2001
Picture descriptions:
cyg) Australopithecus anamensis
cyh) Australopithecus afarensis
cyi) Australopithecus africanus
cyk) Australopithecus rudolfensis
cyl) Australopithecus boisei
cym) Homo habilis
cyn) Homo erectus
cyo) Homo sapiens neanderthalensi
cyp) Homo sapiens sapiens
2254 A  100 R multicolored cyg
2255 A  200 R multicolored cyh
2256 A  300 R multicolored cyi
2257 A  500 R multicolored cyk
2258 A  500 R multicolored cyl
2259 A  1000 R multicolored cym
2260 A  1500 R multicolored cyn
2261 A  4000 R multicolored cyo
Quantity FDC(I): 500 pieces
Printing: Printing Vietnam
Designer: Cambodia Post
Conservation status:
Here as a 2-part FDC (Version I) with perforated Set and first day special postmark
Issue Notice:

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