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MiNo. 547A MC(II) Myanmar
Opr. (5x10); A = perf. K 14 1/4:14; B = imperforated
Maximum Card, date of issue: 03/22/2023
Picture descriptions:
ms) Burmese Collared-Dove (Streptopelia xanthocycla)
547 A  200 K multicolored ms
Quantity MC(II): 100 pieces
Designer: Ahmonoo
Printer: Security Printing Works (SPW), Rangoon

Conservation Status:
Here as a Maximum Card (Version II) with perforated Single Stamp and first day special postmark
Issue Notice:
  • Softly colored grey-brown dove.
  • Body uniformly beige-brown with a black crescent on the nape. Smaller and paler than the street pigeon, with a proportionately longer, square tail.
  • Prefers farms and suburbs, avoids extensive forests. Calls out a cooing "kuh-kuu, ku".
  • Introduced from Eurasia to the Bahamas, thence spread rapidly across southern and western North America in the last decade.

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