200th birthday of Bahaullah, founder of the Baha'i religion -FDCI-

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MiNo. 2606A - 2607A FDC(I)-I- Cambodia
Opr. (5x2 + 5x2, Portrait format); A = perf. K 13; B = imperforated
Set, Issue Date: 22.06.2018
Picture Description:
dpu-dpv) Bahai Temple in Battambang
2606 A  2000 R multicolored dpu
2607 A  2100 R
multicolored dpv
Quantity FDC(I): 200 pieces
Printer: Vietnam Printing
Designer: Cambodia Post
Conservation Status:
Here as a FDC (Version I) with first day special postmark
Issue Notice:
  • The Bahaitian religion is a worldwide religion with about eight million followers who refer to the teachings of the religious founder Baha'ullah (1817-1892) and are referred to him as the Bahai. In their country of origin, the Bahai are the largest religious minority, but have always been subjected to severe persecution. Main distribution areas today are India, Africa, South and North America.
  • Originally derived from Babism, the universal religion teaches Abrahamic monotheism of its own kind, centering on the belief in a transcendent God, the mystical unity of religions, and the belief in the unity of humanity in its diversity. The Bahai represent an action-oriented ethic committed to a humanitarian vision of social development and cohesion.

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