• Japanese Occupation

    During World War II, the Japanese army occupied Burma in early 1942. The Shan States gave Japan by contract to his ally Thailand, they incorporated themselves until the war ended. On August 1, 1943 Burma declared its independence under the Prime Minister Ba Maw, who served as a Japanese puppet. There was a declaration of war against the Allies. During the occupation of a Burma National Army was sponsored by the Japanese, who is from the goons fascist imprint that had some nationalist parties gained, recruited. In August 1944, founded with the participation of the Communists, the Socialists of U Nu and a member of the National Army under Aung San, a resistance movement against the Japanese and the collaborationist Ba Maw. She later became known as the Anti-Fascist People's Freedom League (AFPFL). The "state of Burma" joined in 1945 just before the war ended the pages, declared war on Japan and joined the Allies. The Burma National Army named in Patriotic Burmese Forces (PBF) to, and reached on September 7, 5200 the acquisition of the fighters in the regular army. Your highest-ranking officer was Colonel Ne Win.