Chinese New Year: Zodiac Signs (266)

Chinese New Year: Zodiac Signs (266) Chinese New Year: Zodiac Signs (266) Chinese New Year: Zodiac Signs (266)

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MiNo. 2333A - 2344A (Souvenir Sheet 266A) Laos
Opr. (4x5); A = perf. K 12 3/4:13; B = imperforated
Souvenir Sheet, date of issue: 18.09.2018
Picture descriptions:
dai-dav) signs of the zodiac
dai) year of the rat
dak) year of the ox
dal) Year of the Tiger
dam) year of the rabbit
dan) year of the dragon
dao) year of the snake
dap) year of the horse
dar) year of the goat
das) year of the monkey
dat) year of the rooster
dau) year of the dog
dav) year of the pig
2333 A  2000 K multicolored dai
2334 A  2000 K multicolored dak
2335 A  2000 K multicolored dal
2336 A  2000 K multicolored dam
2337 A  2000 K multicolored dan
2338 A  2000 K multicolored dao
2339 A  2000 K multicolored dap
2340 A  2000 K multicolored dar
2341 A  2000 K multicolored das
2342 A  2000 K multicolored dat
2343 A  2000 K multicolored dau
2344 A  2000 K multicolored dav
Souvenir Sheet issue with MiNo. 2333A-2344A
Souvenir Sheet 266 A (300 mm x 210 mm) daw
Post price: 25.000 K
Quantity: 1,000 pieces
Designer: Mr. Vongsavanh Damlongsouk
Printer: Vietnam Stamps Printing
Conservation status:
Here as a "MINT NEVER HINGED (MNH)" perforated Souvenir Sheet
Issue Notice:

  • The planned issue date was September 18, 2018. However, the issue was only available from the 31.10.2018 at the post office counters and was already sold out on the day of issue (Souvenir Sheet)

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