50 years of Europe Stamps (2006) (194)

50 years of Europe Stamps (2006) (194) 50 years of Europe Stamps (2006) (194) 50 years of Europe Stamps (2006) (194) 50 years of Europe Stamps (2006) (194)

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MiNo. 1973A - 1978A (Souvenir Sheet 194A) Laos
Opr. (5x4); A = perf. K 14 3/4:14 1/4, B = imperforated
Souvenir Sheet, Issue date: 01/12/2005
Picture descriptions:
cis) Stonehenge, England; Plaine des Jarres, Laos
cit) Knossos, Greece; Patuxay, Laos
ciu) Coliseum, Rome; Wat Phu, Laos
civ) Stave Church of Lom, Norway; Wat Xieng Thong, Laos
ciw) Cathedral of Trier, Germany; Wat Pha Kaew
cix) Notre-Dame de Paris, France; That Lauang, Laos
1973 A  6000 K multicolored cis
1974 A  7000 K multicolored cit
1975 A  7000 K multicolored ciu
1976 A  7500 K multicolored civ
1977 A  7500 K multicolored ciw
1978 A  8000 K multicolored cix
Souvenir Sheet issue with MiNo. 1973A-1978A
Souvenir Sheet 194 A (142 mm x 90 mm) ciy
Quantity: 2,000 pieces
Designer: Mr. Vongsavanh Damlongsouk
Printing: BDT International Security Printing LTD
Conservation status:
Here as a "MINT NEVER HINGED (MNH)" perforated Souvenir Sheet
Issue Notice:
  • The souvenir sheets (A and B) just in 2018 and 2019, unauthorized reprints (counterfeiting) have emerged in large quantities.
  • All these unauthorized reproductions come from printers in Chechnya and Dagestan.
  • To recognize these unauthorized reprints partly due to the lack Sheet Digit Number top right and the other on the color scheme.
    • The colors are weaker in part and slightly out of focus part!
  • With a total issue of 2,000 pieces each perforated and imperforated, it is surprising that in a large auction platform, alone 2018, more than 3,000 perforated sheets (singly and in packs of 50/100) and nearly 2,000 imperforated sheets (singly and in packs of 50/100) were offered and sold at "junk prices".
  • Our offered issues are ALL!! directly from the Lao Post Office in Vientiane, we guarantee that!

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